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Symbols of Power and Wisdom As the largest animal on earth, the elephant symbolizes many things to various cultures. From good luck to power and wisdom and longevity to strength, the practice of placing elephant figurines within the home has long been used to achieve proper balance. Known as the keepers of the house in feng shui, elephant statues are used near entrances to allow those who reside there to attract power and keep it safe. For years, this gentle giant has been revered as a sacred animal in the East. Due to their long life and intelligence, they are symbols of wisdom. Elephants provide an allure partially because of their size. However, they are also known to be extremely intelligent due to the communication skills they display, their mourning habits and strong ties to their family. Herds are typically made up of the oldest and largest elephant and their immediate family, which includes daughters, sisters and nieces. The elephant is a social creature and as the herds grow they will break off into smaller herds, but they maintain bonds with the original herd. They display an amazing sense of caring among other members of their family, helping each other take care of babies, bonding together to ward off danger and the mourning that is shared when one member of the herd dies. Elephants even celebrate the birth of their calves. Due to the extreme sensitivity of these amazing animals, elephant statues and elephant figurines are very popular symbols used within many homes. Their serene qualities are said to attract power and wisdom as well as a sense of peace to the home. The giving of a white elephant signifies wishing the recipient prosperity, peace and honesty.

Considered sacred throughout Asia for centuries white elephant figurines are excellent for placing in a home or office for good luck. Elephants have long been used by those who practice feng shui. Elephant statues placed near the front door also bring good luck, strength to the home and protection for those who reside within the home. The placement of elephant figurines in the bedroom increase love and fertility. A mother elephant and baby are symbols of bonding between parents and their children. A set of seven elephant statues are used by feng shui practitioners to bring childless couples fertility. The number seven is representative of children in feng shui. They also bring academic success to children and many people place elephant figurines in the area where their children do their homework. Elephant figurines are available in a variety of materials and are placed according to the elements that are needed for a particular use in a space. The five main elements - metal, fire, wood, water and earth - are used to maintain the proper balance depending on where the elephant statue is placed. This will influence which one of the elements is activated. Selecting the right elephant statue will depend on what is desired. This serene and charismatic animal will provide a different application as well as a beautiful addition for each room.

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Elephant Figurines

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This article was published on 2011/06/17